Fortinet NSE 1 Lesson5-Personal Security Awareness Quiz

Q1. What action can be taken in advance to help protect your data from corruption from malware?

Select one:
Set up regular backups.
Buy a substantial amount of Bitcoin currency.
Reboot your computer.
Disable all anti-virus software.

Q2. What is the recommendation for passwords on all the systems and websites that you use?

Select one:
Use the same password for each system or website.
Never change your passwords.
Use different passwords for each system or website.
Use “123456” as your password on all systems and websites.

Q3. To prevent spammers from learning that you’ve seen one of their emails, what should you do?

Select one:
Reply to the sender of the email message.
Delete the email message.
Set your email client to not automatically download the images in email messages.
Immediately reboot your computer.

Q4. If a vendor or website offers two-factor authentication, what is the recommended action?

Select one:
Immediately reboot your computer.
Enable and use two-factor authentication.
Politely decline.
Wait for everyone else to do it.

Q5. How often should you change your passwords?

Select one:
Once in a blue moon.
On a regular basis.
Each time there is a total solar eclipse.

Q6. Why is it a security problem if you use the same password for all the systems and websites you use?

Select one:
It increases the difficulty of brute force password attacks.
If the bad guys break into one of them, they have your password for all of them.
The bad guys will give up too easily.
There will be uneven wear on your keyboard.

Q7. What do you call an unsolicited email message that masquerades as coming from a legitimate sender, and attempts to get you to disclose sensitive information or click on a link?

Select one:

Q8. What percentage of malware is distributed by email?

Select one:
Over 50%

Q9. Where can you download the highly-rated and free FortiClient security product from?

Select one:
Your favorite malware marketplace.

Q10. What should you do if you get an unsolicited email from an otherwise trusted source that says to click a link?

Select one:
Immediately reboot your computer.
Reply to the email message.
Launch a browser or app manually, then log into their website to investigate the issue.
Click on the link to learn how to make money online.