Fortinet NSE 1 Lesson4-CFO Perspectives Quiz

Q1. A CFO’s responsibility is to manage financial risk, and that covers which other element?

Select one:
The after-hours card games.
Costs associated with the building’s janitorial contractor.
All the information and data in the company.
The catered lunch in the boardroom.

Q2. Being trustworthy with customer data is now a part of which outcome?

Select one:
Regulatory fines.
Crafting a better user experience.
Building brand loyalty.
Decreasing revenues.

Q3. How does a CFO treat intangible assets such as intellectual property, trade secrets, manufacturing methods, and the information about customers?

Select one:
Not responsible at all.
Just as responsible for the financial risks to those information assets as any others.
Paper assets
More responsible for the financial risks to those information assets than any others.

Q4. Looking into the past, a CFO will create which kind of reports?

Select one:
Reporting on the prior financial performance of the company.
Timecard reports for individual employees.
TPS reports
Billable hours

Q5. Since it uses information from every corner of the business, what does a company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system require to help the CFO understand what’s happening now, and plan for the future?

Select one:
A gaggle of consultants.
Accurate and trustworthy information.
Last quarter’s TPS reports.
Several reams of paper.

Q6. What are the consequences if a CFO’s reports are not accurate?

Select one:
From having to re-state the data, to being found in violation of financial regulations.
Other CFOs in the area will catch the error and help fix it.
The next report must have an offsetting error to compensate.
There are no consequences since nobody actually reads those reports.

Q7. What does a CFO rely on to create forecasts of what will happen to the company in the future?

Select one:
An endless supply of coffee.
Advice of Wall Street analysts.
Accurate inventory data.
Access to good information.

Q8. What is the primary responsibility of a CFO?

Select one:
To develop new products and services.
To manage the company’s payroll.
To oversee the factory floor.
To manage the finances and the financial risks of the company.

Q9. What poses one of the greatest risks to the financial value of a company’s information assets?

Select one:
Spelling errors
Cyber threats

Q10. What role does a CFO play in new business initiatives, product launches and/or new service offerings?

Select one:
Analyzes the financial impact.
Conducts focus group research.
Provides advice on marketing.
Provides advice on engineering.