Fortinet NSE 2 Lesson4-Endpoint Quiz

Q1. What were early endpoint security products known as?

Select one:
Disk or Data recovery tools
Floppy disks
Antivirus software

Q2. Why is the security of endpoint devices important? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
Endpoints can run out of storage space otherwise
Endpoints that are secured run faster
Endpoints can be a way to access other important data and devices on the network
Endpoints hold valuable data
Endpoints use wireless connections

Q3. In addition to existing, known threats, what other types of threats must modern endpoint solutions detect?

Select one:
Network latency or network traffic analysis
Wi-Fi interference
Unknown threats
Hard drive crashes

Q4. Which method did early antivirus products use to detect malware?

Select one:
They compared the name of the file with a list of known virus names.
They searched for the word “virus” in the file name.
They compared the signature of the file with a list of known virus signatures.
They searched for the word “virus” in the contents of the file.

Q5. How did the rise of the Internet affect the rate at which new malware variants appear?

Select one:
The rate increased tremendously
The rate decreased
The rate stayed the same
The rate increased slightly

Q6. Which device is not considered an endpoint device?

Select one:
IoT device
Ethernet switch

Q7. What must modern endpoint solutions do to be effective today?

Select one:
Go beyond simple signature comparisons
Block network connections that use the IPX protocol
Block spam emails
Block all network traffic