Fortinet NSE 2 Lesson3-SD-WAN Quiz

Q1. Which two statements about SD-WAN are true? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
SD-WAN can provide application visibility.
Malware protection is always built into SD-WAN.
Traffic control is a significant feature of SD-WAN.
SD-WAN adds complexity to network deployment.

Q2. What are two major weaknesses of SD-WAN? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
Encrypting data conceals viruses that can bypass an antivirus check
Direct internet access is possible
No inherent defense against advanced threats
Traffic steering can be controlled

Q3. What are two attributes of an SD-WAN network? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
Has no application visibility
Risks application failure due to dedicated link
Simplifies with zero-touch provisioning and centralized control
Augments MPLS with affordable broadband connections

Q4. What are two advantages of having integrated security and SD-WAN in a single appliance? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
Needs additional security device for inspection
Allows all incoming traffic without inspection
Provides application control for encrypted traffic
Backhauls all traffic to the data center for inspection
Provides secure direct Internet access

Q5. What are three major weaknesses of the traditional network that SD-WAN solves? (Choose three.)

Select one or more:
Reduces application latency
Reduces network downtime

Resolves device and user identification
Provides direct internet access to SaaS applications
Backhauls all traffic to the data center

Q6. Which Fortinet product provides both SD-WAN and NGFW security?

Select one:

Q7. In which two ways does FortiGate solve security issues with SD-WAN? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
Supports basic network firewall only
Includes application control, URL filtering, IPS
Does not support user authentication and malware detection
Integrates with FortiSandbox and provides SSL inspection