Fortinet NSE 2 Lesson12-Web Filter Quiz

Q1. What are two reasons our customers need web filters? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
To comply with regulatory policies such as GDPR
To allow users to customize the content they want
To prevent users from accessing websites containing malware
To prevent users from accessing objectionable content

Q2. Web filters can provide a safe browsing experience by blocking which three threats? (Choose three.)

Select one or more:

DHCP requests

Q3. Which method do web filters typically use to block web sites?

Select one:
They examine email links to ensure that URLs have not been spoofed.
They return search results from only sanctioned web sites.
They consult a URL database of websites and domains that are known to be harmful.
They inspect web pages in a secure container for viruses.

Q4. Which three products has Fortinet integrated web filters into? (Choose three.)

Select one or more:

Q5. What are two things that a web filter does? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
It blocks certain words or phrases based on a user’s preference.
It makes decisions based on rules set in place by the company.
It examines incoming web pages to determine if any of the content should be blocked.

It monitors internet traffic to ensure that users do not exceed their online quota.

Q6. Web filters use rules to determine which web sites are blocked. Who or what sets the rules in place?

Select one:
Law enforcement agencies
The company or individual installing the application
Device manufacturers