Fortinet NSE 2 Lesson13-Wi-Fi Quiz

Q1. In what year did the rise of the first wireless local access network occur?

Select one:

Q2. When the Ethernet switch was introduced, what major benefit did it bring to networks?

Select one:
It allowed simultaneous transmissions on a network.
It increased the number of computers that can be connected to a network.
It reduced the number of transmission collisions that occur on a wired network.
It enabled the connection of wireless clients.

Q3. What does WPA stand for?

Select one:
Wireless provisioning agency
Wireless proliferation algorithm
Wi-Fi performance attributes
Wi-Fi protected access

Q4. The current best level of security provided for Wi-Fi networks is WPA3. Which other Wi-Fi security protocol is also commonly recommended?

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Q5. Which standard is Wi-Fi based on?

Select one:
5-4-3 rule
ISO 5750
IEEE 802.11

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  1. Why is wireless security necessary?
    Select one:
    ********To prevent eavesdropping by bad actors ******
    To enable monitoring of the Internet connection for viruses, malware, and hacking attempts
    To enable secure payment methods for accessing Wi-Fi hot spots
    To enable bandwidth modulation

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