Fortinet NSE 1 Lesson2-CIO Perspectives Quiz

Q1. How does implementing multiple security point products from multiple vendors affect managing an environment?

Select one:
Requires fewer staff members.
More complicated and more expensive.
Saves money on rackspace and cooling costs.
Simpler and less expensive.

Q2. Internally to the CIO’s company, what is the overall impact when a cyber attack causes extended downtime, and employees’ time is diverted to post-attack activities?

Select one:
Productivity is reduced.
Morale is increased.
Productivity is increased.
Overtime pay is approved.

Q3. On average, how can a CIO’s tenure be characterized?

Select one:
CIOs have the longest tenures among C-level executives.
The tenure of a CIO is generally stress-free and relaxing.
CIOs have the shortest tenures among C-level executives.
The tenure of a CIO is a step on the path to CFO.

Q4. Regulatory fines related to serious breaches can be characterized in which way?

Select one:
They can be enormous and seriously impact the bottom line.
The proceeds help stimulate the economy.
Fines are never imposed due to any form of cyber attacks.
They are insignificant in all respects.

Q5. What is becoming a regular topic between CIOs, the other C-level executives, and the board of directors?

Select one:
The allocation of window and corner offices.
Implementing cyber security
The relative value of various SaaS offerings.
Executive compensation

Q6. What is the primary responsibility of a CIO?

Select one:
Choosing which laptop models to purchase for a company.
Creating all the information in a company.
Determining where each information resource will be routed in a company.
Controlling the Information Technology (IT) resources of a company.

Q7. What will a CIO do once they understand the company’s business goals and priorities?

Select one:
Analyze and design the IT infrastructure so that it aligns with those business goals.
Create alternative business plans.
Analyze and design new products.
Attend many industry conferences.

Q8. When investments are made in IT infrastructure, what should a CIO do next?

Select one:
Fill out the warranty cards right away.
Compare budgets with other C-level executives.
Negotiate for quantity discounts.
Show how these investments deliver measurable results.

Q9. When the general public learns of a serious breach, what is their likely reaction?

Select one:
Disbelief followed shortly by acceptance.
Apathy leading to an increase in business with the breached company.
Empathy and compassion.
An erosion of trust leading to a decline in business with the breached company.

Q10. Why must a CIO work closely with the other C-level executives?

Select one:
To understand the company’s business goals and priorities.
To make sure they use strong passwords.
The other C-level execs always need help with their computers.
To help choose which laptops to purchase for the company.

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