Fortinet NSE 2 Lesson10-Security Information & Event Management Quiz

Q1. Which three tasks must technology perform to satisfy network security compliance requirements? (Choose three.)

Select one or more:
Aggregate logs from many network sources
Prevent employees from accessing the internet
Store log data for a length of time that satisfies auditing requirements
Allow public access to aggregated logs
Monitor, correlate, and notify events in real-time

Q2. Which three regulatory standards and acts must businesses, hospitals, and other organizations comply with? (Choose three.)

Select one or more:

Q3. Which two requirements led to the development of SIEM? (Choose two.)

Select one or more:
To contend with the flood of alerts issued from IPSs and IDSs
To simulate phishing attacks
To measure and prove compliance to various legislations
To perform vulnerability scanning

Q4. Which three problems does SIEM solve? (Choose three.)

Select one or more:
The lack of security awareness by employees
The lack of implementation of authentication methods
The complexity of technology and the difficulty with identifying attacks
More sophisticated and stealthy cyber attacks
The long delay in discovering security breaches by security teams

Q5. What does the term SIEM stand for?

Select one:
Security Information and Email Management
Security Information and Event Manager
Security Information and Emergency Management
Security Information and Electronic Messaging